"Support the cause, fuel the movement."

Thanks to our donors, The Salty Zombies 7 Days To Die community has gone from Strength to Strength. We started with just 1 simple shared PvE server that eventually changed into a PvE/PvP server and then a full PVP server. After a while, we could afford 2 servers, one dedicated PvP server and one dedicated PVP server. Once we had a big enough following and a regular stream of donors, we added Server Manager Bots to enhance the game. This also added an extra level of protection against hackers and griefers.

The start of 2020 was when we took things to the next level. We got a dedicated server, a beast of a machine that allowed us to have multiple 7 Days to Die instances. We expanded into having our PvE and PvP worlds on this dedicated server and the overhauled modded servers like Ravenhearst, War3zuk Darkness Falls Server, and Undead Legacy.


Salty Zombies has grown beyond the borders of just a game server. We built a solid and helpful community. A group of people from all over the world has turned into a family. So many people have found refuge with us, and our community has been referred to as a “pillar of support” to individuals during troubling times. Donating to Salty Zombies is not just about helping us pay for the servers. It’s about helping bring like-minded people together and sharing our passion and love for gaming. And none of this is possible without your support.