Salty Tokens


Salty Tokens are an in-game item unique to the Salty Zombies 7 Days To Die Servers, used to craft powerful weapons, tools and vehicles. You can buy those using Salty Coins or  right here for real-life cash. While we try to balance the player's needs for more power and the server needs for funding, we also oppose to the concept of pay-to-win. As a result, non vanilla weapons do no PvP damage. Buying Salty Tokens is an excellent way to help support the Salty Zombies gaming community, and we are grateful for every purchase. Please note that stand alone Salty Tokens bought here are limited to the current wipe/seed, while the ones included in VIP Packages are renewable. To receive your tokens, use the command /szclaim in game.

1 x Salty Token
10.00 USD
2 x Salty Token
18.00 USD
6 x Salty Token
48.00 USD
10 x Salty Token
75.00 USD
12 x Salty Token
85.00 USD
20 x Salty Token
125.00 USD